We are the dreamers, the fun worshipers, the risk-takers, and the thinkers. We’re the believers and the change makers. We are you. We are Kantoka.

Kantoka is the connection between cannabis consumers and the legal cannabis industry, with a goal to build bridges, break down barriers, and help all individuals, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or origin, thrive within this new era of legal cannabis.

Times are rapidly changing. For decades, accessing cannabis was done only in the shadows; it wasn’t something you talked about, you just did. Many of us put ourselves at risk to access cannabis, and when we’d get our product, it was anyone’s guess what we were actually smoking. If you worked in the cannabis industry, you didn’t talk about it; stigma was still alive and well, and many people were forced to come up with clever covers when asked, “what do you do?”

Legalization has invited cannabis, and the way we access it, to ante up.

Cannabis is no longer being cultivated in dark basements or hidden crop fields, making it through several questionable middlemen before it gets to your rolling paper. Legalization now allows the consumer to visit a cannabis store or access safe and reliable cannabis online, where they can know exactly where it comes from and exactly what cannabinoids and terpenes are contained within it.

The transition from the grey (or “legacy”) market to the legal market hasn’t been an easy one, and Kantoka knows this first-hand as we make connections with individuals and companies who are producing cannabis in this new era. The regulations are confusing. In many ways, we’ve lost the ability to talk about cannabis the way we used to because The Cannabis Act prevents it. Cannabis looks different, feels different, and it’s a bit difficult to get used to. We understand this.

Kantoka is the link between the “good ol’ days” and this new era of legalization. We seek to elevate the talents of the individuals who are passionate about cannabis by connecting them to opportunities in the legal cannabis industry where they can showcase their expertise. We strive to shed light on the benefits of legalization by spotlighting brands, Licensed Producers, entrepreneurs, and individuals in this industry who are thriving, and making strides for Canada, and the global cannabis movement.

Most importantly, we seek to elevate the voices, talents, experiences, education, and knowledge of ALL who are interested in the cannabis industry. By promoting and celebrating diversity, encouraging others to leverage the talents of all human beings, and providing a space to connect people to opportunities, we are helping you build an industry we can be proud of.

We’ve spent not just months, but years, developing Kantoka Pro. This platform will allow job seekers and individuals who are interested in working in the cannabis industry to create an online profile and digital portfolio to highlight some of their most proud accomplishments. Employers that are looking for qualified candidates don’t need to spend time recruiting on LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, or any other job platform for that matter.

Kantoka Pro is by the cannabis industry for the cannabis industry.

Kantoka will continue to evolve as it becomes the one-stop source for employers, consumers, and job-seekers on all things legal cannabis. We will persist in building bridges that allow consumers to get a little closer to their cannabis, and allows retailers, processors, growers, and LP’s to showcase the great work they’re doing to make this industry one to watch on the global scale.

We’re ready for this journey – we’ve been ready for years. Question is, will you join us?

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